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Parents’ Page

How to Help at Home

One of the best ways is to speak with your child in your home language(s).
Keeping your own language alive is a wonderful treasure and it helps children to learn English more easily.

Ask your child if they have brought a book home to read and listen to them. This will usually be an easy/familiar book for them but if for some reason the book is hard, read it with them.

  • Do not cover the pictures
  • Let your child try unknown words before you tell them what it is
  • Always say something positive about their efforts, what they remember and their ‘tries’
  • Let your child’s teacher know if reading books are not coming home
  • Older children can bring home Library books


  • Help your child to learn basic facts. You can do this anywhere e.g., while driving in the car
  • If your child brings home homework, let them tell you how they work it out. There are lots of different ways to solve problems
  • Play games like Snakes and Ladders, Chess and Ludo


  • Encourage your child to write…. letters, cards, a diary

And What Else

  • Children learn from being outside and visiting new places e.g.,  Free places – Mangere Mountain, local Library, gardens, walks
  • Visit the museum – free, take your library card or a power bill to show you live in Auckland.  Go to the beach, for a walk or climb up Maunga across Auckland

Online learning

  • Check which sites your child is visiting.  You can block sites – see Netsafe link
  • Check if they are posting photos or texting online – remind your child to stay safe and tell you if they don’t like something they see online

If your child can get online – do get the Seesaw App so teachers can share work with your child.

If you can’t download Seesaw, these resources might be useful.

Please do watch the video to learn more about Seesaw

Websites of interest

Bully-Free NZ

Please click here – a guide for parents/aiga/whānau.