Announcement : 

Dear parents and caregivers, Cases of measles have been found on the North Shore, Auckland. To avoid disruption to your child’s education, children and young people should have two MMR vaccinations. If you are not sure whether your child has been vaccinated for measles you can check   • Vaccination records which are in the Wellchild/Plunket book or * Ask your doctor.

Afterschool Care

Before and After School Care

Skids operates daily Monday to Friday.
Morning sessions are from 7.30 am to 8.30 am and afternoon sessions from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

We will also run a holiday programme in Dec/Jan. We will be based in your school hall so your children can join us right after the bell goes.

If you are working (full time/part time depending on how much you earn); studying a course; on sickness benefit; or qualify for child disability allowance then you may qualify for some WINZ subsidy. For some it can be as low as $3 a day, you can enrol your kids with us (with WINZ subsidy, conditions apply). Give us a call and we will explain the process.

Our daily format includes roll call; afternoon tea; homework; planned activity which may be art/music/sports/technology/cooking. Join us and have heaps of fun!!! We will work with your school and support the community.

Contact Us
Ferdilin: 021 035 6547
Purity: 021 150 0912